May 12, 2009

What a long, strange trip it's been

Posted by Aenorn

Just hit level 80 on my Paladin, now it's time for bigger and better things with him. Healing Naxx, and Ulduar. Winning Wintergrasp battles, etc. I'm extremely excited about adding this chapter to Unholy Hands. Now I'm able to bring even more to you readers. Thank you all for keeping this blog alive!



Chamerion said...

Gratz on 80!!!!!!! Just got my mage to 71 yesterday. Go enjoy the pally raiding and keep us up to date!

Kel said...

Grats on level 80! The biggest achievement of them all. Sorry I'm not gonne write all 80 so this will have to do :)Grats, and grats and grats.

Amil said...

Grats on 80!

I've been 80 for about 4 weeks now and its great!

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