May 12, 2009

Military Murlocs? The Blizzcon In-Game Item

Posted by Aenorn

Yes, folks. The in game item for Blizzcon 2009 has been announced. It was put up on MMO-Champion yesterday afternoon, as well as WoW Insider. Later that night Blizzard released the official announcement of the non-combat pet. First and foremost I'd just like to state that this pet is made of pure win.

Now I'd like to get into my thoughts on all of this. I think this was a bit unprofessional of both WoW Insider and MMO-Champion. I love both sites, and they have the right to publicize what they find, but Blizzard has stated (and I quote) on the official Blizzcon forums:

"We will likely talk about a goodie bag in-game item in the future (though there are no guarantees of course), but based on the past we don't do this until after the ticket sales and we are much closer to the con happening. Tickets first. :)"

On most things, I wouldn't mind at all. However, this was really Blizzards announcement to make. They probably thought that releasing information on said item before ticket sales would heighten the number of Ebayers and Scalpers who will be buying up tickets only to sell them at higher prices, or those that are just going to sell the code for the pet for 10 times more than the ticket cost.

Blizzard has officially announced it though. This has happened after it started popping up all over the internet. I don't know if they planned it today, but if so they certainly had convenient timing.

This isn't anything huge but it has the possibility of hindering ticket sales to Blizzcon. I know that last year the very first thing I saw when I went to pick up my badge at the box office was a scalper, and an enormous amount of Blizzcon Bears being sold on Ebay.

Those are just my thoughts on the matter. Overall I'm incredibly excited about Blizzcon 2009 and this pet is just another plus!


Ariedan said...

I'm pretty sure at this point I'm not buying tickets and I'm just going to hang out with guildies outside the event. The con just doesn't excite me much, and the pet isn't my cup 'o tea either.

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